The basic training course of the Ecole de Légèreté lasts three years and consists of three four-day clinics per year. The final exam may be attempted, at the earliest, during the 10th clinic at the beginning of the fourth year.

Basic training courses of the Ecole de Légèreté are currently running in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. See below for planned new courses in Austria and the Czech Republic.

Students attend the course with their own horses, the aim being to take one horse through the whole programme. Philippe Karl strongly recommends that you have at least two horses in training, however, in case your main horse is unable to attend any clinic due to illness or injury.

The course consists of lessons in:

  • individual dressage training
  • work in hand and on the lunge
  • jumping
  • quadrille
  • theory
  • pedagogical training
New applications

If you are interested in becoming a licenced teacher of the Ecole de Légèreté, please send in your application even if there are no courses in your country yet, or if all the current courses in your country are full. If enough riders of the required level apply, it may be possible to start a new course.

New courses in Austria and the Czech Republic

Applications are currently welcome for new courses planned in Austria and the Czech Republic. Please contact the relevant course organiser for more information.

Czech Republic
Course CentreOrganisers

To be confirmed

Magdaléna Perić
Malešín 3
251 67 Řehenice

+420 725 359 382

Barbora Vokatá
Na Borku 819
273 09 Kladno – Švermov

+420 723 634 003

Proposed start date: 2017

Course CentreOrganisers

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

Please apply to:
Sabine Mosen
Hallerstr. 18
D - 31171 Hallerburg

+49 5044 881248

Philippe Karl
Route de Nyons
Le Village
F - 26770 Rousset-les-vignes


For more information about courses that are currently running, please contact the relevant course organiser.


How to apply

You will need to send the following documents (Please note: in English or French only!)

  • curriculum vitae including a passport photograph
  • letter explaining your motivation (remember to indicate the location you are applying for)
  • completed questionnaire on your teaching experience (see below)
  • DVD showing your work with your horses and demonstrating your riding skills.

Please also describe your teaching experience in detail by including your answers to the following questionnaire. (Note that one of the conditions for a successful application is that you should already have some experience in teaching, even if only part-time.)

  • Are you a riding teacher? Since when?
  • Do you give lessons regularly?
  • How many riding students do you have per week? Per month?
  • Are you teaching in a riding club? If yes, in which one?
  • Are you salaried? Self-employed?
  • Do you give clinics? If yes, where?
  • Do you have owners' horses to ride?
  • Do you train horses?
  • Do you take riding lessons yourself? If yes, with whom? how often?

If you are accepted into a course, you will be required to sign a training contract, committing yourself to following the basic training course for the whole of its duration (i.e. three years).


Please send your application to the following address (not as registered mail!):

Philippe Karl
Route de Nyons
Le Village
F - 26770 Rousset-les-vignes

In order to make the change to the riding philosophy of Légèreté as easy as possible and to prepare yourself for the final exam in the best possible way, Philippe Karl strongly recommends you get in touch with licenced teachers or trainee teachers of the Ecole de Légèreté well before the beginning of the three-year training.


Training fees 

For each rider on European clinics:

600 € per 4-day clinic
450 € per 3-day clinic

(This is the training fee only, travel, food and accommodation of horse and rider are not included.)